Baking days

Once a week we bake rolls, pizza, biscuits or cakes together. On these special days there is kneading, pounding, rolling and shaping. Baking is a wonderful activity that enables many sensual and fine motor learning experiences. The children have great fun mixing the different ingredients, feeling the different consistencies with their hands and of course snacking a little in between. After our work is done, we all sit down and enjoy our homemade delicacies. These baking days are always great fun for the children!

Forrest days

It is important to us that the children can experience movement in the fresh air in a natural environment as often as possible. On these special days we explore the forest together. The children play with what the forest has to offer and often happily collect materials for handicrafts. Now and then we cook together in the forest.


Emergency service

Is it not possible for you to pick up your child at the agreed time? No problem, you can contact us spontaneously ( 044 381 40 90 ) and we will look after your child until 8:00 p.m. The costs for additional care are CHF 25 per hour. A small snack is included.